Monday, October 10, 2011

30 Years...

This past weekend, we attended the wedding of The Husband's college roommate and good friend, Johnny and his new wife Lauren. We flew to St. Louis Saturday morning and by lunchtime we were drinking beers and sitting by the pool catching up with old friends. By Saturday night, we were celebrating the bride and groom on the dance floor (I don't think I sat down once) sending them off with well wishes and congratulations.

I love weddings. Though, who doesn't? Having your family and friends in one place, celebrating you as a couple is a great thing. There are toasts, there is dancing, there is drinking, there are smiles and everything is perfect. Also, as the bride, you get to wear a really awesome white dress.

If only every day of marriage could be like a wedding. For that moment you feel invincible...

Not that every day isn't blissful, but I'm well aware of how I can be to The Husband after a long and stressful day. Of course the rest of the time I'm usually perfect...right?! The good, the bad and maybe sometimes the ugly - that's what makes a marriage.

And speaking of weddings and such, today is my parent's 30th anniversary. My parents met in Georgia where they were reporters working at the same newspaper. After only 6 months of dating, my dad asked my mom to marry him over hamburgers and that was that. After 30 years together, three dogs, two kids and one son-in-law later, they still love each other (and of course hamburgers). Despite all the challenges in life, they have managed to find love and friendship in each other and that is cause for celebration. (sidenote: check out Sooze's blog to read their story).

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Here's to another 30 years of love.

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  1. thank you, sweet Pea. we are so happy you think of ours as a great love story!