Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Virginia 10 Miler

Woops! There I go again slacking in the blog postings. I secretly (wait no) openly say that I wish I could stay at home, clean and organize our apartment and cook (or rather watch the Food & Coooking Channels and watch people cook), blog everyday and play with Miss Bailey all while have a glass of vino. Wouldn't that be better than work? Of course it would be. Who am I kidding?

But I digress...on Thursday night we packed up the car and shipped out to Lynchburg Virginia to see my in-laws and race in the Virginia 10 Miler.

And by race, let's be very clear that I did not run. I walked the four miler with my mum-and-law all while snapping photos - is that normal to take pictures while you "Race?" I think so! Go us.

Our cheering section (Liz & Aaron) above!....We even got medals!

The Husband of course ran the 10 miles. Love that runner...

It was great going back to the Burg to see family and friends (two of whom are preggers!). It's been too long since we've been back for a visit. We ate lots of good food (i.e., Silver Pig, The Cav, Waterstone, Chocolate pie, shrimp scampi oh and the T-Room). Funny how I talk more about the food than the race! Though, I forgot to snap photos with the friends, I got some of the family.

Miss Bailey didn't make herself at home at all. This city dog just doesn't know how to relax in the country - HA!

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