Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Long Beach Island

Sometimes I forget that Manhattan is an island, an island which is less than 2.5 hours away from many beaches. Now, this southerner is a Carolina beach kind of girl. To me, there is nothing better and no place that makes me happier than OBX.

Yet, after two trips to Long Beach Island (LBI) in NJ, I'm becoming a big fan (don't worry OBX, you're still number one). Unlike other parts of the Jersey Shore, LBI is less "Snooky-like" if you know what I mean. The beach itself is beautiful and quiet. We are fortunate enough to have a great place to stay too thanks to The Husband's cousins, Carl and Julie. We spent last Saturday and Sunday relaxing by the beach, enjoying the fresh air and even a boat ride through Oyster Creek, where we grabbed cold beers and fresh crabs. Doesn't get better than that. The restaurant and boat town, reminded me a of a sleepy little place down South.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

Thanks again to Julie and Carl for a great weekend!


  1. what great photos! maybe we should plan a crab activity next week. G man wants to go crabbing, and we can steam them ourselves.
    can't wait!

  2. I love LBI!!! My parents have a house there, where were you guys staying? Hope you got a lot of crabs, we didn't have too much luck 4th of July weekend.

  3. Glad you enjoyed it!! I live a little bit south of LBI