Thursday, July 28, 2011

Art Space and a new table...

I started a new tradition. Each time I leave my favorite place [insert Nags Head] I stop by Art Space and buy a new table to take back with me to NYC. You might think that's crazy. But, I love taking something back with me that reminds me of the beach; something that I can look at everyday. Who cares if our apartment is only 700 sq. feet?! I make it work! Though, I believe The Husband thinks I'm secretly trying to turn our place into a beach house. Well, actually, I just want a beach house!

I posted about Art Space last year, when I bought the cute little green table that lives in our hall. I couldn't wait to go back and see what new furniture and artwork they had.

One of my favorite Christmas presents (which sits over the cute little green table) came from here too, painted by the talented Katy Caroline. (sorry, only have iPhone pictures). I think she has painted every dog in our family and on our block.

Katy [below] also hosts the popular, "Sip and Dip" parties on Thursday nights where you can sip on wine while learning to paint. We weren't able to go this year, but maybe next!
I have yet to determine exactly where my new table will live (called creamsicle), but once it finds a permanent home in our apartment, I'll post pictures.

If y'all are down in OBX, I highly recommend stopping in. For more info, visit:

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