Monday, June 13, 2011

Savage Beauty

This past weekend, The Husband's parents were in town visiting. I'm so fortunate to have in-laws that are awesome. We always have a great time together and as my grandmother would say, "ain't nobody hit nobody with nothin'."

My father-in-law is a very talented artist. We even have one of his pieces hanging in our kitchen (note to self: take picture of aforementioned piece for blog readers). Since he is an artist, we usually go to the Met, once or even twice, during their visits and listen to him as he gives us short lessons on paintings, drawings, exhibits, etc., always teaching us something unique and interesting.

While we were there, I noticed a line of people wrapped around an exhibit. Whenever I see a line, I ask myself, "Do I need to be there? Is it that good?" Well, I quickly learned that it was the Alexander McQueen, Savage Beauty, exhibit. Though, I wasn't about to stand in line, I did peak around the corner and saw two of his dresses - gorgeous! I'm hoping to go back to the Met after work this week to check out the full exhibit and hopefully avoid the line. Here are some shots from the site. Stunning!

Have any of y'all been?

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P.S., The BBQ festival was also this past weekend. Though we missed this year's festivities we have been in the past and it was delicious. Did any of you New Yorker's make it out? There was a one NC BBQ restaurant there.

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