Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So Celebrities Do Ride the Subway...

I don't usually enjoy riding the subway, in fact I would pretty much hate it if it didn't get me from point A to point B as quickly as it does. You've heard about some of my more interesting subway rides, but today's I'm happy to say is a bit more enjoyable.

I rode the 2, 3 with Seth Meyers. You know, the funny guy (and writer) from SNL who does Weekend Update? I didn't actually think celebrities rode the subway, but alas they do. Well, at least Seth does. Woops, there I got call calling him Seth like we are friends.

How funny would it be if he "Google alerts" himself and stumbles upon Southern in the City. A southern girl can dream right?

He's not too bad looking either:)

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  1. thought you might have taken a snap of him w/ your phone! how close were you sitting? Details!!