Friday, January 21, 2011

Snowy Friday

Because I'm from the south and let's be honest, they don't know how to deal with any amount of snow, I'm used to everything getting cancelled. No matter how long I live here (going on five years now), I will never get used to the fact that we still have to go to work when it snows...any amount.

We didn't get that much snow last night but we did get enough for me to look out the window and wonder, "do I have to go to work today?" Yes. I do. I opened my sock drawer, picked-out the warmest and thickest ones, pulled on my (newly cleaned from last week's snow) Uggs, zipped up the big puffy coat and off I went, with a sigh, to work. I slipped a few times, almost falling once but never-the-less made it to the office in no time. Darn it.

Apparently New York City has only cancelled school a hand full of times since the 1960's. Really? I guess there's no hope for me then. But, oh what I would give for a snow day or two, or heck a week! I can think of plenty of things to do around the aparment, movies to watch, naps to take in that time.

Since I haven't taken any photos of the snow up here yet (we're getting more next Tuesday and Wednesday so don't fret), I googled "commuting in snow in nyc" and this is what came up - I think they speak for themselves:


  1. I feel your pain! I participated in the Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program and was sent to Montreal. I remember well the first snow - about 8 inches. I eagerly watched the news waiting for school cancellations. Was dismayed to find out there were none! Hardly ever!

  2. Thanks for your comment tbell. It's always fun to hear of others' snow stories! Fulbright teach exchange program - how cool!

  3. get that camera out! you will want to have a record of it when you move to more balmy climates.