Thursday, January 27, 2011

19 inches of Snow!

Don't eat the yellow snow. Fortunately, most of the yellow snow was covered by 19 inches of fresh white snow last night in NYC. As Miss Bailey and I sat and watched American Idol last night, thunder and lightening crash down all around us. It was quite the storm. The Husband is away in TX this week and has missed our wintry weather. We are hoping he gets back tomorrow!

Manhattan public schools were cancelled today (a big deal up here) so Bailey and I will head to Central Park later this afternoon for some fun. I'm thinking this will be a great opportunity to take out the camera (and video camera). For now, here are some blackberry pictures from our neighborhood this morning:


  1. Wow, Meredith!!! I remember when this happened last year in Pittsburgh. I cannot imagine what it would mean for a city like New York!

    Good luck and have fun! Hope James is able to make it home!