Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Friends in the City

I love having friends visit. Especially since so many of my close friends live all over the country, it's great when they decide to make a trip to NYC. Having visitors also makes you get out more and take advantage of living in a cool place. Sometimes us New Yorkers forget that.

My good friends from college, Allie and Bradley were our apartment guests this past weekend. These two make me laugh. You know, the deep down laugh that only your closest friends can make you do. They are hilarious. Our friends always joke about how we wished they had their own reality show on Bravo. Maybe one day?

The four of us ventured around the city, visiting China Town (searching for purses for 2 hours, while trying to stay away from scary and sketchy vendors), ate a Torrisi's Italian Specialties, shopped in SoHo and watched the Jets game at Cascabel. Check back later for a guest post from Bradley with pictures from the weekend.

Of course I only took photos during the last hour of their visit but here are some of my favorites:
Photo opps in the roof mirror

A walk in Central Park

Hanging out by the Reservoir

The Husband's favorite bridge

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  1. what great shots of everybody. and where did you get that cute head scarf?