Friday, January 14, 2011

Daryl Hall

This month's issue of New York Magazine featured a story on the growing popularity of Hall & Oates, specifically Mr. Hall. Call me crazy, but when did they ever go away? It's no secret that I love this band and have written about them many a times on Southern in the City. Fun fact: did you know that "She's Gone" was written by Oates at a bar on Bleeker street after his date didn't show? But, I digress...

I've been to four of their concerts at Beacon Theatre, despite the growing price of tickets (hey, maybe they are more popular?). The Husband has humored me, though he loves them too, by being my date to what is mostly an over 50 crowd. In fact, at the last concert we attended a few weeks ago, I was told to 'sit down' during "Rich girl" because the old pops behind me couldn't see. I ignored him and kept dancing and before I knew it, I had two rows of concert goers up and dancing around me. I don't go to concerts to sit thank you very much - especially Hall & Oates concerts.
If you haven't read New York Magazine article yet, I highly recommend it.

Images from New York Magazine.


  1. Now this is a really cute post. Left me wanting to read more!

  2. I love Hall and Oates! Country Boy and I were listening to them this week! Let me know when they are in town, and we will go too! :)