Friday, January 28, 2011

Friends in the City Part Deux

I'm a bit late with post, I must admit. With the snow(s) melting away, I thought I'd play catch up from a couple weekends back. Though winter 2011 has been one for the books, it hasn't kept our friends away and I'm happy about that!

Two weekends ago, our friends Liz & Aaron flew up for a visit from VA. Liz & Aaron grew up with James and have been friends for a very very long time. We were both in each other's weddings and when they lived in the city, Liz and I had weekly date nights, which usually involved wine and sappy movies while the boys played darts. Needless to say, we miss them oh so much!

Like many of our weekends, we ate a lot. We took them to our favorite Friday night pizza place, ate lunch at Torissi's (it's a must when you come visit us), toured the new Open House gallery - a 5,000 sqft. indoor park in Soho, got our nails did (the girls not the guys) and celebrated The Husband's birthday. And like all friends' visits, it went by too are some pictures from their visit!

Special thanks to Liz for donating some of the photos!

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