Monday, September 27, 2010

Tate's Cookies

Tate's cookies - yum, ya'll! These are a new favorite of mine that I want share with you. I recently learned about this NY staple while at my friend's Hampton's wedding. The lovely bride included Tate's crispy cookies in the gift bags and I ate just about all of them before the wedding even began. These cookies are delicious and oh so light. I don't typically like crunchy cookies, but Tate's cookies melt in your mouth (and no, Tate's isn't paying me to say that, though they could pay me in cookies). If any of ya'll are around the city, pick up a bag of them and you'll fall in love, I'm sure. They come in six different types, though chocolate chip and chocolate chip walnut are my favs.

Don't worry Dad, I'm going to mail you some soon!


  1. Hey! I love Barefoot Contessa and she featured Tate's Bake Shop on her Food Network show. It looked like a "magical" place. After seeing all of those yummy treats, I am dying to go there. It's great to know I can buy them in the city! Can't wait to try them! Yummo!