Friday, August 13, 2010

Marshes Light

After a great trip to Southern Shores, my brother, The Husband and Bailey set out for Manteo, NC. Let me first say that Bailey had a great vacation too. She stay in three different kennels (yes, three) and loved them all. She is definitely a beach girl like her mamma. Though I did worry about how she would do being away from us overnight, she was just fine and I swear has been sniffing for sand ever since we got back to the city.
Driving to the Outerbanks as a child, I remember Manteo as being the last town we went through before getting to the beach. I also can't forget our visit(s) to see The Lost Colony play. If you've ever been to the OBX, then you've probably seen The Lost Colony at least once. Other than that, I hadn't spent much time in the town until just about two weeks ago.
For those that don't know, Roanoke Island (where Manteo is located) is the birthplace of Virginia Dare, America's first born English child. That's my only history lesson for now. Today, Manteo is a small town lined with picturesque houses with picket fences and sailboats.
We were lucky enough to stay at Marshes Light, a waterfront community with townhomes and condos right on the boardwalk in Manteo. Marshes Light is within walking distance of the downtown where you can find shops and restaurants as well as the replica of the Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse (pictured above). The Husband and I have grown accustomed to being able to walk to eat and drink in NYC, so it was so nice to be able to do the same thing here. We ate at the Full Moon Cafe (twice) and had drinks at 1587.
The condo at Marshes Light was so comfortable and perfect and as the three of us sat on the back porch watching the boats, my brother and The Husband tried to come up with ways to be able to call it our own. Check out Marshes Light's blog, Beach Road to Manteo, here. I definitely recommend visiting Manteo if you get down to NC - and special thanks to Lee at Marshes Light for a great visit!

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  1. Marshes Light is really a nice waterfront development with a cool boardwalk to downtown Manteo. Understand they've just built their first cottage, too.