Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Our last part of the vacation ended in Avon, just an hour and a half south of Southern Shores. I've only visited this area once when I was little, so I was excited to return and spend some time here, especially since I have heard such good things from The Husband's Aunt Liz. Like our time in Southern Shores, we ate and ate and ate some more. One of the best things about vacationing at the beach is the enormous amount of food (specifically seafood) and drink that is always at your fingertips. I wish we ate like that at home, but my cooking skills are note quite like the other chefs in my family (both sides). I'm working on it...sort of.
We spent time relaxing by the pool, playing pool and catching up with everyone. I even had some time to sit down with my father-in-law (the artist) to learn about taking a good picture.
Though I'm never good at goodbyes, saying goodbye to the beach is always especially hard for me. We are back now, to the real world, getting used to our regular routine. Thanks to both families for an amazing vacation. Fun things coming up for Southern in the City. It's almost been one year since I started this blog and I'm working on a few surprises to celebrate. Stay tuned!

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