Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th Weekend

Sometimes there is nothing better than getting out of the hot city for a long weekend to enjoy some peace and quiet with friends and dogs. Southern in the City, The Husband and Bailey ventured to Vermont this past weekend to visit our friends Matt and Chelsea and their dog, Willow. This was our second trip to VT (our first being for Matt and Chelsea's wedding back in '08). We loved it then and couldn't wait to get back. Check out Chelsea's cute blog about living in VT, here.

Despite the fact that we left the city around 1:45 p.m. on Friday hoping to get to South Burlington by dinnertime, holiday traffic got in the way...big time. Our first bit of traffic started on the West Side Highway, not five minutes from our apartment. Though it didn't phase Bailey one bit.After pulling off in Kingston, NY (near Woodstock) for a quick two-hour dinner to avoid traffic, we were off again. We finally arrived in South Burlington around 11:45 p.m. Yes, that was a long trip. But, it was worth it; we were even able to see our good friends Liz and Aaron who were finishing their week-long vacation in VT.

Chelsea's family has an amazing lake house on Lake Champlain in an area called Long Point. Their view is beautiful. For those sailors out there (hey, dad), it's truly a perfect lake.Bailey and Willow quickly became new best friends as Willow showed her how to swim and retrieve sticks from the water. Though a little hesitant at first, the city girl, er, Bailey quickly warmed-up to the water and actually enjoyed it.
The four of us did a lot of relaxing - reading on the porch (well, just us girls), cooking out, laying out, swimming, boating and chatting. The boys ventured out and went mountain biking both days (The Husband is the proud new owner of a mountain bike that I like to call, Big Red).We also went hiking with the dogs and were able to take them off-leash (Bailey's first time doing so). While I realized how out of shape I am, the dogs loved it and the view was great from the top of the mountain.Bailey slept the entire way back to NYC yesterday (with the exception of a quick dinner break). She woke up this morning looking for Willow and the lake. I did too.
Thanks Matt and Chelsea for an amazing weekend! Ya'll were great hostesses and we really appreciate everything!


  1. your photos are great. I love the area!

  2. Looks like lots of fun -- would like to see me aboard my sailboat there.