Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Puddin's

Right now I can barely contain my excitement for the puddin's arrival this weekend. Two of my best friends in the world are flying north to see Southern in the City tomorrow. We met freshman year in college (though how we met is a bit fuzzy at the moment) and have remained close these past eight years. During our sophomore year living together, the name puddin', yes just like chocolate pudding cups, quickly became our way of referring to each other, (but, again, another fuzzy story). Our fourth puddin' will be missed this weekend but I'm sure we'll call you many a times, Lo!
Megan and Lindsay, which I'll now refer to them as, arrive tomorrow afternoon. They have been such loyal friends to me - making me laugh, listening to me complain and always being there at the other end of the phone, despite the fact that they are many miles away.

I'm sure our weekend will be filled with lots of laughs, late-night conversations, shopping, toasts and lots of memory making and for that I am so thankful. See ya'll tomorrow, puddins'!

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