Thursday, May 20, 2010

Almost the Weekend

This week has been a busy one. With the boss being on vacation, I'm the sole public relations girl at work. Lots of meetings, lots of writing, lots of managing, lots and lots. Tomorrow is Friday - yes, oh yes.

In other news, Bailey is sick. I learned first-hand just how expensive my precious pup can be. Her little stomach has been up in all sorts lately and yesterday I felt it was time to take her to the vet. I'm happy to say that she is feeling better today, while my wallet is not. But that's okay. One lick to the face and tail wag make it all worthwhile.

We're headed down to NC tomorrow for our first wedding of the season. I can't wait to see family and friends and do a little dancing. This morning on my way to work, I put in the beach music and got excited about the possibility of shaggin' this weekend (for all you Yankees, that's dancing). And for good measure, here's the dancing scene from Shag, the movie.


  1. I loooove Shag! Hope you had a fun weekend at home.

  2. We had so much fun too! I'm also a "follower" now! You are welcome to come see us anytime - come this weekend and teach me about Google Analytics :)