Sunday, April 18, 2010

One Year Anniversary!!

“I met a boy and he’s wonderful and brilliant and we’re getting marrrrrried,” said the cute little girl in "Father of the Bride." I know you know that line. Every girl who has ever watched that movie does. I’ve always loved this movie and probably watched it a million times growing up, always wondering who I would married, what I would look like on my wedding day and who would be there. Didn't you do that too boys? Ha.

Today is The Husband and Southern in the City’s one year anniversary. We made it. Not that I didn’t think we would but I think for anyone who is married, the first year is a big adjustment. We learned to compromise, listen and communicate differently and more importantly, better.

April 18th was so perfect last year. It is true what everyone says, to have your friends and family in one place, at the same time to celebrate with you is the best part of all. We said last night that we can’t believe it’s been a year. We are so lucky, thankful and happy.

As I type this, the wedding cake is thawing, though I’m sure it will probably taste a little bad. Whoever thought cake after a year would be a good idea?

So, tonight we'll toast and take our first picture for our anniversary album (with a puppy chewing on something at our feet of course). Here's to our first and many more.

And just like that little girl in the movie, I met a boy and he’s wonderful and brilliant and we are married.