Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring spring spring, Raleigh and a little March Madness

It finally feels like spring in NY, ya'll. Today it's going to be a balmy 73 degrees. Al Roker said it's going to be warmer in NY than Miami this weekend. Um, really? I have to admit though, New Yorkers are going a little crazy and have already pulled out the sundresses and flip flops. I haven't reached that point yet but can feel it coming.

In other news, I'm flying down south to Raleigh tonight! Looking forward to seeing the family and friends and getting a little R&R. And, it's going to be even warmer than here so I can't complain.

Oh, and did anyone watch the Wake Forest game last night? Go Deacs! I don't usually say this, but since the Tarheels aren't even in the conference this year (and most of my family went to WFU), I will today. If only I had made a bracket...
Have a great weekend everyone!

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