Wednesday, December 9, 2009

That’s A Wrap

Well, it happened. I never thought it would. After three years of continuous rolling, our plastic food wrap has finally come to an end. The Kirkland plastic wrap (with an easy-to-use cutter included) provided its last piece of plastic yesterday. No more, no more.

I didn’t quite believe it to be true, after all we had a few false alarms where we thought it was the end, but fortunately got another few months out of the stuff.

You are probably thinking that I’m crazy right about now – talking about my plastic food wrap on my blog. But really, we had this box for THREE whole years, two different apartments - that’s a lot of food wrapped-up.

I can’t even remember where we got it. However, I think I can safely say that it likely came from Costco or somewhere similar with larger-than-life items. Okay…on to more interesting things - I've started to decorate our 750 square foot apartment for Christmas and will be posting pictures tomorrow. Hopefully this post about plastic wrap will hold you over until then.

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  1. Kirkland is a brand sold at Costco. You can get another roll from this 'Southern' Costco when you're here at Christmas.