Thursday, December 10, 2009

Deck the Halls Part Deux

Living in a tiny Manhattan apartment leaves little-to-no space for decorating, much less decorating for Christmas. But, I have been able to pull out a few things that make our home feel more festive this holiday without making The Husband feel like Christmas has “thrown-up” in our apartment. (not the best description, but you get the picture).

I snapped a few photos of some of the decorations so far because I know many of you are curious. Later this week I’ll post a video, so that you can virtually walk-through our space and see the final reveal.
I love it when Christmas trees tell a story with ornaments. “I got this one from…” or “this one reminds me when...” While trees decorated in all blue and silver or red and green ornaments are pretty, I prefer the more personal ones. Here’s a picture of our tree this year with some of our memories together. Since this is our first big tree, we do have some “filler ornaments." We still have to get our tree topper and skirt but you get the ideaThroughout the apartment, I’ve put fresh remnants from the tree in glass and silver containers so that it smells extra "Christmasy"room-to-room. My mom also sent some pine cones that smell of cinnamon and orange slices, similar to those Pottery Barn pictures I posted earlier. Everyone should have a great advent calendar and here is ours. When I was younger, my family had this one and I recently found it at Barnes & Noble and had to get it. You can buy it hereMy Godmother gave me a Reed & Barton silver cross ornament each year for my birthday. Here are some of my favorites displayed on a silver tree. Can you tell I like Christmas trees? I’m still searching for the oasis ring for my magnolia wreath. Here’s the magnolia, taking a bath, eagerly awaiting to become something pretty. Check back later this week for a full video of the final reveal!

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  1. wow. everything looks so beautiful! That first big tree is so memorable. I can almost smell the pine cones from here. I didn't realize you were going to get your own Advent book!:) love you! mom