Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

I hope ya’ll had a wonderful Christmas. Southern in the City sure did. We made our way across the entire state of North Carolina and were lucky enough to see both sides of the family stretching from eastern NC all the way to Charlotte.

I always say that I’ll take more photos on my trips and made that promise to myself again before this past one. Yet, I only snapped a few memories but here they are for you anyway.

Some of my favorite things from this trip:

- Seeing all the cousins at my grandparent’s house in Scotland Neck. I don’t have any photos from this visit but I know someone who does and will post soon.
- Watching our family dog, Reagan and The Husband share a moment
- Chick-fil-a
- Christmas Eve stocking shopping with the brother
- Mom’s food (all of it)
- My nephew, Holden playing his Wii game
- Snuggling with my nephew Thomas
- Snuggies
- Dad making fun of my Monster Margarita
- Experiencing two Christmases with two great families
Be back soon with New Year's news.

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  1. ha ha. so glad I made the blog! I have uploaded my photos and will send you some soon.