Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Many Many Monograms

If you’re from the South, it’s unlikely that you don’t own something with your monogram – a silver necklace, pillow shams, glasses, cooler, towels, wallet, cutting board, ice bucket and even an ironing board cover. Yes, I actually have all of the aforementioned monogrammed items (and more) living with me in my 700 sq. foot apartment; I made sure to make room for what’s most important. I definitely have my priorities straight. Not sure if The Husband would agree. Here’s a picture of the ironing board cover if you didn’t believe me. The ironing board is pretty cool too - thanks, Graham.

I’m a lover of the monogram - the idea that everyone can have their own personal logo. I always said if I were going to get a tattoo, I would get my monogram. Fear not mother-dear, I would never go through with it.

What is it about the overlapping and combining of letters to form a symbol that Southerners love so dearly?

Much to my chagrin, Southern in the City has yet to find a great place in NY to purchase fun monogram pieces. If any of you know, please do tell this girl.

Of late, I’ve stuck to shopping online, so check out two of my favorite sites and hopefully in time for the holiday season, I’ll have some recommendations for places in the City.

Ida Claire


A nd check out the Daily Drop Cap. It's a fun Web site with free pretty script letters for blogs! My cousin Kendall (another monogram lover) forwarded it along.


  1. I LOVE Swoozies! My sister and I always go there when I'm home. I recovered my headboard this year with a pretty monogram right in the center. But I have to say, I've never seen the ironing board cover!

  2. Ha, so funny but true! I'm jealous of that ironing board :).