Friday, December 20, 2013


I feel like the city is being taken over by tourists. One of my favorite billboards ever was one I saw in Times Square that read, "Be nice to the tourists because one day you'll be one." I try to remember this every time a wall of people stop in the middle of the sidewalk to figure out where they are going or when they try to navigate the subway. I also happen to work in Times Square (which, is going through construction) so add that tourists' confusion and it makes for a fun walk in the morning. Be nice to the tourists...

On Tuesday, we met our NC friends at Rolf's in Murray Hill. To say this place was crowded is an understatement. Apparently it's the place to go during Christmas because it's covered in Christmas lights and ornaments. Ralph is a German restaurant so we had the traditional potato pancakes, weinersnitchel, bratwurst and beer.

If you are in the city for Christmas, you should definitely check it out. Know that even if you have a reservation you may have to wait an hour. Also, it's been freezing in NYC lately but now I'm hearing there is a heat wave coming. We're suppose to break records on Sunday.

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