Saturday, December 28, 2013


North Carolinans are competive in three main areas: beaches, basketball and barbecue. 

The latter is probably the biggest topic up for debate as barbecue varies so much between east and west. Chopped, pulled, vinegar, red sauce, etc.

As I type this, I'm anticipating the eye rolls from people when I say that I love all types of barbecue in NC. (Yikes, I know).

Eastern barbecue is my families favorite because yes, you guessed it, they're from there. It's vinegar based and delicious. We had a taste on Christmas Eve from B's Barbecue in Greenville. It's best with vinegar poured on top.

Whenever we make it to the Charlotte area, we have to stop by Lexington barbecue. It's so tasty and this part of the state serves it's sandwiches with slaw. My fave!

Maybe it's because I live in NYC and don't get to have barbecue whenever I want, or maybe it's because I was raised in Raleigh and we were more neutral in our tastes of pigs. Either way, I love NC barbecue and miss it already, no matter which kind.