Monday, May 6, 2013

So it's May...

Though it might not seem like it weather-wise, it's May. I cannot believe it. Where did this year go? It's been a "challenging" few months to say the least, but I'm hopeful that this summer will be a happy time with lots of fun memories made.

Going back and looking at what blog posts have been the most popular for Southern in the City, many of those have been the design related posts - go figure. There are so many design blogs out there and mine was never meant to be one. I just like talking about fun, interesting tidbits about the city I live in. Though, I do love a good decorating blog that provides me with inspiration for my own little APT.

Saw these on Lonny last week and loved them. Thinking about doing a few small projects this week around my home to keep me entertained and these caught my eye.

What have y'all been up to/reading/doing lately? Ready for the summer like me?

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