Friday, September 21, 2012


So glad that y'all liked my post about the no sew Roman shades. Such a quick and easy project and I loved sharing it. I have another little project coming up and it involves my kitchen table chairs. Hopefully you'll like that one too. Stay tuned next week!

I planned on writing about my Nashville weekend early in the week, but time got away from me, so here we go.

My fall is busy y'all. I'm gone just about every weekend in September AND October. All good things and fun trips so I can't complain. Last Friday, the girls flew to Nashville to celebrate the next bride to be...

Nashville quickly became one of my favorite cities. The people, the music, the food and the town in general were so much fun. On Friday night, we ate at Merchants on Broadway and then danced the rest of the night at various Honky Tonks. We also had a contest to see who could take the most photos with cowboys. I think it was a tie. Oh, and we all sported the hipster glasses too.

Here is Allie and her soon to be sister in law dancing to a band on Friday that made up a song about our trip. Listen carefully to the words. (still haven't figure out a great way to embed video!)

Saturday, we slept in! It was fabulous. Then, we ventured outside and did the Pedal Tavern. Have any of y'all done this before? They have them in many cities (not NYC though). I highly recommend it for a group party. It's BYOB and you get to tour around town while peddling and drinking. Working out while consuming alcohol? Even better.

That night we ate at Whiskey Kitchen and did some more dancing at The Stag. Wouldn't you know, I ran into someone I knew. Small world.

Like all trips with these girls, we laughed and laughed. They are my rocks and I don't know where I'd be without them.

Big thanks to Allie's sister Abby and Emily for planning a great trip! Can't wait to see Allie walk down the aisle to marry Bradley in just four weeks! Congrats, bride to be!


  1. The Pedal Tavern is too hilarious! Hopefully it will come to NYC soon...although I have a feeling city drivers would run that thing off the road pretty quickly! Seems like such a fun trip!

  2. Looks like a fun trip! I found a good way to embed videos is through VIMEO - upload it and then link to your blog!