Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where do you summer?

I can safely say that I could summer in the Hamptons. But, as I mentioned yesterday, only tourists say Hamptons, so more specifically I could summer in Amagansett or East Hampton. Last weekend, three of my close girlfriends (former work buddies) took the train out to Amagansett for the weekend. You know you're going to have a fun weekend when despite that fact that you forgot a cork screw for your bottle of wine, a neurosurgeon on the train breaks out his "tools" and opens it for you.

Yes, that did happen on our way out there.

We stayed at Blake's in-laws amazing home (Thanks Overbys!).

This was my view each morning and it really is the most picturesque place.

I also took advantage of their outdoor shower. I have always said that I want one in my home. Doesn't matter if I live at the beach or not. Nothing is better than this.

Blake played hostess and toured Marisa and myself around to different beach streets like this one.

Where, wouldn't you know, Martha Stewart lives. I was the girl who got out of the jeep to take a photo of the sign. You can't take me anywhere.

We shopped in East Hampton, where we scored some major deals at J. Crew. If you are in the area, check it out. I haven't seen deals like that in awhile. We also brainstormed our next business venture, hoping to take us from PR girls to beach house owners. Stay tuned on that front.

And, before I forget, I need to explain just how beautiful everyone is out there. It's like Ralph Lauren meets a southern fraternity at Chapel Hill. Beautiful. People. Everywhere.

On Saturday night, we ate at the Meeting House in Amagansett with ten or so new friends and then walked across the street to the bar, The Talk House where we danced to the 90's band, Bayside Tigers. For those of y'all who've seen Rubix Cube in the City, it was just like that but with 90's music. In fact, Rubix Cube played there on Friday. We are planning on seeing them again at the end of June at Canal Room. So good.

Sunday was spent on the beach, recovering from the tom foolery the night before. We didn't want to leave and once we arrived back to Penn Station Sunday evening (with no beautiful people in sight) we knew the weekend was over.

A big thanks to the Overbys for letting us stay at their lovely home. And, for any of y'all doing a summer share, I'm very jealous. Next year ladies?


  1. Yah! Such a great weekend! Great memories:)

  2. This looks so fun! I'm beyond jealous!

  3. I always visit my parents on Cape Cod in the Summer. I grew up there, but my husband is from MT. Needless to say, he is OBSESSED with their outdoor shower.

  4. Most. Amazing. Weekend. Period. Can't wait to make it a tradition :)