Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Recap

Happy New Year! We had a great time down in NC visiting family over Christmas. Of course the time went by too quickly and now we're back to the grind.

Our first stop was Raleigh. Let me just say that the cousin pups are in love. They spent nearly every moment together, running up and down the stairs and barking (their favorite thing). It was especially hard to break them apart when we left.

Since then, Bailey has been doing a lot of this...

We also celebrated the holidays with my parent's friends (friends of the friendless) which is always a hoot and a half.

On Christmas Eve it was off to grandmothers house for a quick lunch and our typical family portrait on the front stoop (with a couple new members for this one). That's four generations!

Christmas Day we packed up and headed out for Davidson to see The Husband's family. Our two little nephews are so cute and love Christmas time. Here they are showing us their "inner peace." You know, being a kid can be stressful.

We've started a funny Christmas tradition that began last year when we brought them whoopee cushions. They laugh and laugh and make sure that everyone has a turn to with them:) Here's a video that shows their enthusiasm.

It's always so nice to go home and recharge with the ones you love. Thanks to everyone for such a special and fun Christmas!

Up next...New Year's Eve...

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