Monday, June 6, 2011

What's the hold up?

I know, I know. I have been a bad blogger. I should really carve some time out a few days a week to write, but when I got back to work last week, things got crazy and sitting in front of the computer after sitting in front of the computer was not something I wanted to do. Excuses, Excuses...

We're are still adjusting to the real world. The jet lag was actually a good thing and got me out of bed and ready to start my day before the morning news shows even started. It's beginning to wear off though and I think by week's end, I'll be back to my old routine.

France and Italy. Ahhh, they feel so far away right now. If you are looking to plan a trip, I highly recommend one similar to ours. Instead of boring you with lots of stories, I'll include a list of favorites along with photos. It's more fun that way...

- Rosé vino - I don't know what it is, but Rosé in France is much better than Rosé in the states. But isn't most food and drink? The Husband and I had Rosé with most of our dinners and wish we'd brought a bottle or two home with us.
- Tartan - This was by far the best restaurant in Nice. They serve delicious freshly made brick oven pizzas that melt in your mouth. Seriously, nothing better. The owners don't speak French so we had fun trying to communicate.
- Farmer's Market - This isn't your mom's farmer's market. It's an everyday event (except Mondays) where artisans, farmers, etc come out and sell their treasures. This was a great place to pick up keepsakes and gifts for family.
- Pebble Beaches - You can always rent a beach chair for 20 euros a day, but I would go the free route and sit on the pebble beach instead. Though it can be a bit hard on the tush, it's much better people watching and guys, the girls are topless. Well, at least the old wrinkly ones.

- Pasta Pasta Pasta - Italian is my favorite cuisine. If I could eat pasta everyday I would and I did in Italy. Cinque Terre is were pesto originated so it comes with every pasta dish and is probably my favorite thing from the whole trip.
- Hiking - If you visit the Cinque Terre, you must hike the five towns. I warn you, it's damn hard. I had to stop several times to catch my breath and almost thought I was going to faint. But, the views! They are amazing...
- B&B - We stayed in the most quaint and beautiful Bed & Breakfast. There are not many hotels (or any) in Cinque Terre so most tourist stay in locals' homes. Ours had an lovely terrace where we ate breakfast each morning and took naps in the afternoon. Life was hard.
- Rick Steves - If you are going to travel to Italy, buy Rick Steves book. Especially if you are going to Cinque Terre. The locals love him and if you show some of them his book, you can get discounts. No kidding, we got 10% off at our B&B.

Back to more Southern in the City topics later in the week!

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  1. Beautiful photos! Looks like you had an awesome trip! =)