Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 2011!

...and we're back! Happy New Year's to each and everyone of y'all! I decided to take a little vacation from the blog to focus on spending time with family, taking lots of photos and enjoying some R&R down south. Sometimes you just need a little break from blogging.
We had a great vacation in NC, TN (a minute in GA) and VA. Yes, The Husband and I drove all over the great Southland to see family and meet new towns. We basically ate our way through each state (more on that later).

As many of our Yankee friends enjoyed three plus feet of snow, we only had 4-6 inches on Christmas Day. I've always wanted a white Christmas and this year got just that. It was the perfect snow for sledding and was almost all gone after one day. The snow in NY has mostly melted but there is still a good chunk of snirt (snow + dirt) on the corners, not to mention trash that wasn't picked up for a week. A great welcome home.

Thanks to all our families for a wonderful Christmas/Birthday/New Year's break. It was perfect and we miss you already.

And for fun, here is one of my favorite Christmas presents of Miss Bailey painted by an Outer Banks artist. You should check her out!

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  1. We loved having you, however brief. Miss you, miss you!