Monday, October 4, 2010

"Baby We Were Born to Run"

This past weekend, The Husband ran the half marathon race in NYC, specifically the New York Road Runner's Norwegian Festival half marathon. Like I've mentioned many a times, I hate to run. I've never had that "runner's high" that so many of my runner friends talk about. Yet, I can respect and appreciate the dedication that goes into training for any race. I watched (and smelled, ew) The Husband spend many days running and running and running some more just to get ready for this race. He did a great job and finished under the time he'd hoped for.
(checking out his surprise songs list)

I've never been to this race before but it was fun and even featured all things Norwegian including bagels and locks, waffles and live entertainment including Madcom. You know that song, Beggin'? Well yes, the are Norwegian!
One of my favorite New York days is watching the marathon (coming up in just a few weeks). Though I know I'll likely never run the marathon in my life, I love cheering on those who do and watching them run and run and run some more. Congrats to all you runners out there!

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