Monday, June 7, 2010

Why, Hello There!

Why, hello there Southern in the City readers. Let me first apologize for my lack of blog posts this past week. I think that was longest I went without posting anything. I do apologize and wish my excuse was due to the fact that I was on a fantastic beach getaway with no Internet. But, unfortunately that's not true. Life got in the way - work, work, work, and Bailey was sick, needing lots of love and attention.

But, I'm back and hope ya'll had a great weekend!

We, or should I say The Husband has gone back to business school part-time. I say we because when one person in a couple goes back to school, it feels like you are going with them (e.g., proof reading their papers, giving them suggestions and patiently waiting while they finish their studying so you can go and do something fun). Bailey has even been helping him study, giving The Husband tips for his paper on the oil crisis. She even likes to help highlight important sentences.
But The Husband isn't the only scholar in the house. With Bailey feeling much better this weekend, we took her for her last puppy training, where she got her Canine Good Citizen Award. It was an interesting six weeks to say the least. First being that the instructor was crazy and a complete nut. She almost cried when a dog spilled her coffee (who brings a full cup of anything to puppy training class?). She also repeatedly told us to train Bailey using our energy. "Use your body's energy to pull Bailey and not your strength," she said. What?! The Husband I just looked at each other and then down at Bailey. We're still confused about the energy comment, but alas Bailey did pass!
She loves her certificate so much that like everything else, she tried to eat it. The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing and Bailey sure knows how to do that.

I promise more posts this week and thanks for being patient!