Monday, June 14, 2010

Like a Sock and a Shoe

When I was younger, I remember seeing an old babysitter and her husband together and thinking they were perfect. I called them a sock and shoe because they seemed like a great fit for each other (not exactly sure why I picked a sock and shoe, but you can't really have one without the other right?)

Today marks my grandparent's (B and Pop B) 58th wedding anniversary - another sock and shoe couple. Fifty-eight years is quite a feat. For any of you who are married, you know that it's not always easy. It's a lot of give and take - compromise and patience.

On a recent trip home to North Carolina, we sat down with B and Pop B for a Sunday afternoon lunch where B told a story of one of their first apartments as a married couple in Rhode Island. Her description of their tiny home, starting from the kitchen all the way to their living room (complete with a Murphy bed) was so interesting to hear and so detailed that I can only hope I have a memory like that one day. It was fun to think of them so many years ago in their first place, making a home and learning how to be married.

I can't imagine what it must be like to look back on 58 years of marriage as I have just passed one. What started out as just two people has turned into a family of 20 and that is something to celebrate! Happy Anniversary B and Pop B - you sure do make a great sock and shoe.


  1. well, you have gotten me crying, again. thank you for such a beautiful tribute.

  2. Great post! Congrats to the happy couple!