Thursday, April 1, 2010

Keys Please

Over the past four years of living in NY, I've accumulated quite a few apartment keys. I always kept them on my key chain (just because) and was recently trying to decide what I should do with them. Then I saw this post about framed keys from the Young House Love blog. How cute.

So, I bought a shadow-type box/frame, laid the keys down and wrote out each address where The Husband and I have lived (his old place, my old place and our first place together). It's a simple, easy and cheap project. But, just make sure that your landlord doesn't need both sets of keys back when you move out of your apartment. I learned the hard way when we were charged for not returning the last key, which cost me $18, after the fact. Whoops! Never-the-less, it's cute and everyone comments on it when they visit our new home.

Check out ours below:

1 comment:

  1. how cute. I wish I had thought of that. We have old keys and no idea which house they went to!