Friday, March 26, 2010

Lilly Loving

I love a good lookin' prep. Boat shoes, croakies and of course Lilly Pulitzer. In college, every Southern girl (and some Yankee ones too) wore Lilly sundresses to football tailgates and trips to Fox Fields at UVA. My roommate freshman year even had a Lilly trashcan. I remember feeling guilty throwing trash in it. It was all the rage at only $65.

As I've gotten older, I haven't had much Lilly in my closet. Maybe it's because every other person in New York wears black, or so I thought until last night.

A friend of mine is a member of the New York Junior League and invited us to a private Lilly Pulitzer Party/Fundraiser at the Madison Ave store. Free wine was promised.If you were ever wondering where all the preppy girls were in NY, well, they were at the Lilly store last night. Every single one of them. I've never seen so many blonde-hair beauties in pearls sipping on wine. Wait, yes I have - my sorority. I imagined The Husband, my dad and brother in the middle of it all. I laughed out loud at this thought.

We loved combing through the cute pink and green dresses, bathing suits and totes. I didn't realize how many different products Lilly makes. Check out the jeep and my friend Sarah with the windmill.
I loved the wall art and thought it would be fun to recreate I can only image what The Husband would do if I came home with these outfits and told him that I can't wait to dress our family in matching clothes. I think he would LOVE that.Thanks for a fun night, Emily! For more information on upcoming Junior League events in the city, click here.

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