Monday, February 1, 2010

Where's the Oven?

Well friends, the apartment search continues. Southern in the City braved the cold this past Saturday to find the perfect new home on the West Side. We didn't find "the one" just yet, but we're getting closer - we're warm, but not hot.

Apartments in NY rent fast. I mean before you can even say, "How much?", it's likely already taken. Even the bad ones. And boy, have we seen some bad ones. Exhibit A pictured below. At first glance, you might think what a nice wet bar this is. Look again. This is the kitchen. The whole kitchen. The kitchen that was located in the middle of the living room. I'm not lying. I mean the Embassy Suites has a bigger kitchen than this. If you're wondering where the oven is, well there isn't one. The thing that looks like a microwave is indeed the microwave but it also serves as the oven. Talk about multi-tasking. And, take a look at the stove. There are only two burners. Now, why not add in two more burners? And, to top it off, the refrigerator was located on the complete opposite side of the living room. Weird.
But alas, it wasn't all bad. We did see this beautiful apartment below, which even had a dining room (oh, the little things in life). For those not up-to-date with Manhattan real estate, you never hear of a separate dining room. NEVER. It also had a foyer and a living room large enough for me to twirl around in with my hands in the air saying, "It feels like home!" The poor Husband had to kindly pull me back into reality when we learned the price was not in our budget. He has a hard job taking care of me sometimes. I know we'll find home-sweet-home soon. It may take a few days longer but I know something will surface, sooner rather than later I hope. But until then, I'll just go back to daydreaming about the large dining room and high ceilings...

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