Friday, February 5, 2010

Pottery Barn Says it's Spring

Many of us east coasters will be geting some winter weather this weekend, especially D.C. (Oh, I feel for yall!). I would be happy if I never saw snow until 2011 as I'm sure many of you would be too.

Today on this gloomy grey winter day, I decided to take a stroll through the Pottery Barn across from my office. It was magical. I felt like a little girl walking through a garden on a spring day. Pottery Barn's displays of fresh (fake) flowers, birds, bunnies and Easter eggs were the sun-shine to my cloudy day. Pastels, pastels, pastels!! Oh, you men wouldn't understand.

So as we watch the snow come down this weekend (yet again) and feel the chilly 30 degree winds blow against our faces, fear not my friends because Pottery Barn says spring is near!
Come Spring, everything will be so fresh and so clean clean...(name that band, er, rapper).

Here are some of my favorites from my Pottery Barn prowl today.


  1. well, I have always known that birds are the new thing. can you identify the birds on the duvet? hope your mother has taught you something in all her years of watching them.:)