Thursday, January 7, 2010

HGTVing It

I love HGTV. It’s my favorite network station on television and if I ever get control of the remote in our house, my fingers will automatically revert to this home & design channel within seconds. I can’t help myself - it’s like a drug to me.

The Husband and I are starting to look for new apartments in the city and this girl is jumping for joy. Not that we don’t like our current apartment but my commute is more than an hour each way and frankly, I can’t take being shoved like cattle in a subway car for 60 minutes any longer. The countdown has started my friends.

It’s always fun to daydream, and today I did just that. Here’s some inspiration that I came up with for the new living room. We already have the brown couch and are about to buy a similar chair. Now it’s all about accessorizing – my favorite part.

New Apartment Inspiration
New Apartment Inspiration by MereDesign on

Our official moving day is the end of February so check back for many apartment hunting posts. This southern girl has definitely learned the do’s and don’ts of finding an NYC apartment and I'll gladly share with you. It’s not at all glamorous like what they show on HGTV.

Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock pretty much sums it up when he says, “With Manhattan real estate there are no rules. It’s like check-in at an Italian airport.”

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